Our mission is simple… to provide access to the tools and products necessary to promote the creation of high quality music. 


Just as our customers are driven by passion within their creative process, we want you to be just as passionate in creating the products that will support their needs.


We are always seeking the next best VST, sound/sample pack, or sound designer.  Basically, if you have something to offer our music producers and artists, we want to hear from you!


Who controls my store and products?

You do!  Once we have reviewed your submission, we will follow-up to better understand your goals.  Upon approval, you will receive a link to create your own shop with your logo.  You will be able to tell visitors about your offerings, list your items with images, descriptions, and pricing.  If you’re offering a virtual product, you’ll be able to upload your files so that our customers receive them upon successful checkout.  You will also have the ability to control your promotions and sales.  If a customer has questions regarding your products, they will be able to reach out to you directly from your product page.

How do I manage the stock of my tangible goods?

While most of our products are digitally available upon checkout, if you’re products are tangible goods that require shipping, you will have access to manage your stock and receive alerts when you are running low.

What are the Vendor fees?

Unlike many, we do not charge any monthly or annual fees.  If you are new to our platform or just getting started, you will not incur any charges as long as you are not earning.  Once things get rolling, we charge a 10% commission for each sale.  This 10% is not taken from any shipping costs.  Taxes for each sale are automatically calculated of which 10% will go towards Dreadpool Music LLC.

How are payments processed?

All vendors are required to set-up a Stripe account in order to receive commissions from the sell of their listed products.  Upon the successful payment during checkout, your payment will immediately be dispersed to your Stripe account, linked to your bank account.  That’s right, no delays or minimum payout waiting periods!

All vendors have the option to allow Affirm to finance their products.  If you opt-in to use this service, there will be a 3% fee.  Please allow 2-3 business days to process.

Once I become an active vendor, what happens next?

Once your account has been approved, you will set-up your store with your logo and short description.  You can then begin listing your products!  Once you submit your product(s), they will go through a short review to ensure that it is relative and meets our store standards.  Upon approval, your product(s) will be live!

I’m a one person shop and planning a vacation.  What happens to my store and products while I’m away?

If anyone understands being a single person business owner, it’s us!  You will have access to a vacation mode where you can provide a custom message to waiting customers.  Your products will continue to be listed and visible, but you have the option to pause or continue accepting orders.